Five Delicious Ways to Enjoy Iran … the Joy of Collapsing after the Meal

Only in Iran you go straight to the sleep after the meal because only there it’s not only possible but even recommended and expected. I talk, of course, about the tacht, or a sitting area for meals, that looks like something between a large bed and a sofa, for 2 to 10 people, that can be found in most of the traditional restaurants.

First of all, the shoes off! Nobody is interested at looking at the soles of the shoes, and it is not even comfortable to sit so. Then, find your seating space! In the corner or on the side, maybe by the “exit” if you need to pee often. Next, get comfortably seated in the best position – Turkish style or legs on the side, just stay comfortable so that your legs or back don’t fall asleep. Once this is all achieved, eat well and eat light, your twisted stomach won’t let you take in much anyway. And then, finally, collapse! Lay down, stretch your legs and digest!


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