Five Delicious Ways to Enjoy Iran … the Cravings of Marco Polo

When Marco Polo came to the city of Yazd, what did he see? Sandy city among the hills where Towers of Silence are scattered. He also saw the magnificent Yazdi souk with the quality silk being traded. He saw windcatchers or badgirs, mosques where Muslims pray.

And then Marco Polo got hungry. No wonder, because he saw the sweetest dates, blood-like pommegranets and huuuuge melons. Of course he got hungry! I am pretty sure that Marco Polo, having the experience with Chinese kitchen and coming home via Sri Lanka, did not starve nor ate just whatever. He was a man of developped taste for food and wine, and he was not an ascetic. And I am pretty sure Yazd catered Marco to him utmost satisfaction, just as it caters to me everytime I find myself in the magnificent desert wonderland.

My very favorite are the Yazdi breakfasts. Who said breakfast has to be boring, jam-and-butter necessity? The Yazdi breakfast of watermelon and dates accompanied by the thin bread, is something to crave for.

Lunch is fun when its light and fast, and the barley soup does one good whether in the winter time, when the winds are blowing crazy, or in the summer heat. Nothing is better than a hot, hot and nourishing soup.

And the dinner? The dinner should be a feast, chicken or fish, lamb or beef, and tons, tons of rice. When Marco found out what the meaning of his last name (Polo – rice in Persian) was, no doubts he was proud.


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