From time to time, I find myself in Dubai. Mostly because of a long lay-overs at the Dubai airport, and since I know the center of the city is within my reach, I try to always get short-term visa to plunge into it.

On a cold winter day like today, I like to think of the dhows in Dubai. The historic (if we may even call it so) center of Dubai is tiny, but that might be the very reason why I was so positively surprised to find this little marina with the wooden ferries. I hopped into one right away! The night was approaching, and the lights of the nearby buildings on both river banks were glittering. Wow! It created such a special athmosphere, while most of the passengers on my dhow were probably “local foreigners”  – probably Lebanese, Pakistani and Iranians.

Not being an overly senstitive or romantic person, I felt certain romanticism of the moment. Sometimes small and limited is beautiful. The tiny traditional corner of Dubai served me well. I would not miss it if I had a chance to come again on a lay-over.


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