269350_474853329241983_933090818_nThe time span between a set up of this blog and its actual coming-to-life with its first entry was quite long. Is it even possible to express myself in English as well as I do it in my near-mother-tongue Czech? I have heard someone say that as many languages as possible is the best choice. It is true that speaking and writing English I am not the same person that writes in Czech or Slovak. Suddenly I become someone serious and calm, the silliness gives way to a calm and collected demeanor. However, my stylistics might sound and look just as funny as my putting ketchup on the pancakes once upon the time while living in Chicago.

I am in my early thirties, and I have devoted the last decade of my life to traveling across the Middle East. I have mostly worked in tourism and education. I have taught English to refugees from Darfur in Egypt, learned Arabic in Beirut and led tours of Czechs and Slovaks across Algerian Sahara, southern Jordan and Moroccan imperial cities.

I currently live in Fes where I take care of a beautiful merchant house from the 17th century.



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